Research projects

Does stress run down the leash?

Harvie, H.; Rodrigo, A.; Briggs, C.; Thiessen, S.; Kelly, D.M. (In development)

Computation of multiple landmarks by humans

Rodrigo, A.; Avila- Chauvet, L.; Buriticá, J.; Kelly, D.M. (In development)

Daily Patterns of Foraging and Aggressive Behaviors in Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) at an Urban Patch with Availability or Absence of Resources

Rodrigo, A., Avila-Chauvet, L., Buriticá, J. (Under review)

The effects of the Mexican COVID-19 lockdown on the emotional and behavioral health of dogs

Rodrigo, A.; Longán, A.; Bonin, L.; & Mayoral, Y. (In development)

Reversal of environmental conditions in adult Wistar rats

Rodrigo, A.; & Fernández-Sordo, G. (In development)

Substance use as coping style to COVID 19 quarantine

Mejía, D.; Rodrigo, A.; Avila-Chauvet, L; & Bonin, L. (Under review)

Pigeons’ Reliance on Landmark vs. Geometric Cues in Novel Environment

Rodrigo, A.; Harvie, H.; & Kelly, D.M. (In development)

Evaluation of Zoo Animal Training Programs

Longán, A.; Rodrigo, A., & Gómez-Medina, C. (In development)